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Read a Million House Reading Challenge 2023

How to verify your reading time

Option 1: Visit the library in person and speak to a library staff member about your reading. 

Option 2: Answer 3 questions about your reading and email to Choose three of questions from ** below.

Option 3: Submit a brief or detailed book review. 

  • Infiniti Library catalogue brief book review (min 50 words)
  • Detailed book review (min 200 words).

Visit our Book Reviews Guide to learn more about Infiniti reviews and detailed reviews

Book reviews will also give you bonus time to add to your tally. 

Option 4: Attend our weekly

  • Book Share Club - Wednesday Recess or Lunchtime
  • Chill & Read sessions - Tuesday Lunchtime

To discuss your books and enjoy a snack.

Option 5: Ask your parents to verify the time you have read and communicate via email with

If you choose option 2 then email with answers to three of these questions:

1. What did you like best about this book?

2. What did you like least about this book?

3. If you could change one thing about this book, what would it be?

4. Which character was your favourite and why?

5. Which character was your least favourite and why?

6. Describe your favourite scene in the book

7. How did you feel about the book's ending? Would you have ended it differently? If so, how?

When to verify your reading

When you have read for the set times as seen in the Beanstack website/app or on your bookmark you will automatically earn that badge in your reading log!

However, to have that badge count for the Read a Million house challenge it needs to be verified.

Throughout the challenge there will also be opportunities to earn bonus time through activities!

You can keep track of your earned badges on the Beanstack website and app as seen on the left

Or collect a bookmark available from the library, seen on the right is the back of the bookmark with time line of the badges!