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Read a Million House Reading Challenge 2023

Individual Winner and House Winners


Congratulations to everyone who participated in Read a Million challenge 2022 

You can watch the slideshow video of our Read a Million Celebration below.



Our winners for the main categories are the following.


Overall Individual Winner 

1st   Jonathan Clark Year 10  Avila 2,389,079 words

2nd   Angus McKendry Year 7 Soreth 1,940,400 words      

3rd    Luka Ivanusic Year 7 Avila 1,734,116 words      

Overall  House Winner  - Students 

1st : Avila  8,556,967  words

2nd : Soreth 4,411,123  words

3rd : Mantua 4,269,541  words

Overall  House Winner  - Staff and students

1st : Avila  14,308,117 words

        2nd : Brandsma  9,694,061 words

3rd : Trinity 5,977,582 words

Read A Million Celebration and Winner announcements slideshow