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Read a Million House Reading Challenge 2023

How to get Bonus Time - increase your house & individual reading time tally.

Enter our regular challenges to go into the draw for a Lucky Dip Prize and earn bonus time - see emails and notices from library staff for more information.


In addition to the time from reading, you can earn bonus time by submitting a review of the books you have read. 

Read our guidelines & instructions on Writing Book Reviews (for Infiniti library catalogue and our fiction blog.)

For any reviews you submit you will receive bonus time.

  • Write a short review (minimum 50 words) for our library catalogue Infiniti and receive 10 minutes bonus time.
  • Write a more detailed review (min 200 words) and receive 30 minutes bonus time.

You can nominate an alias/nickname or use your own name for the reviews. Infiniti allows maximum of approx 190 words/1000 characters.

** Reviews need to be your own creation. Reviews or part of a review from websites cannot be submitted** ‚Äč

Below is an instruction video on how to write a brief review for our library catalogue.