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Writing Book Reviews

Our library catalogue Infiniti, allows you to leave a star rating and a short review (minimum 140- 160 words/1000 characters) for any book (fiction, non-fiction, graphic novel - print or digital) that you have read or listened to and that you would like to share your opinion of with our Whitefriars community. 

** Reviews need to be your own creation. Reviews or part of a review from websites cannot be submitted** ​

Below is an instruction video on how to write a brief review and step by step written instructions. 

Theres is a link to The Shortis library and the Online Catalogue on SEQTA. Select Online Catalogue (Infiniti Catalogue).

Once you are in Infiniti you need to login to you own individual account by clicking on the Account Login found in the top left hand corner of the screen. Login using the same user name and password that you use to login to Whitefriars School Network.


How to write Infiniti reviews

Infiniti Reviews instructions

  • One you have logged in to Infiniti you will arrive on the SEARCH page.
  • Search for the book title that you would like to leave a review for. ​

From the search results page select the title of the book you would like to leave a review for by clicking on the title. 

Be aware that we have different formats (eBooks, Audiobooks etc). Note the icon for print books as shown here

When your click on the title of the book, you will get a pop up window with details of the book. 

Towards the bottom of the pop up window there are 2 tabs - the second tab is for Reviews.

Leave a star rating by clicking on the stars and then type your review in the box (maximum 10000 characters which is approximately 140-160 words) 

Once you have completed your review and submitted it for approval, a staff member will check the review and once they have approved it your review will appear here in the Reviews tab of the title.