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Read a Million House Reading Challenge 2023

Individual Winner and House Winners

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Read a Million challenge 2023 

Our winners for the main categories are the following.


Overall Individual Winner 

1st   Matthew Wallace Year 12  Stein 16,763 minutes or 1,005,780 seconds 

2nd    Hasan Al-Wahab Year 8 Corsini 15,207 minutes  or 912,420 seconds    

3rd    Toby Keodouangphachanh Year 7 Mantua 14,036 minutes or  842,160 seconds   

Overall  House Winner  - Students 

1st : Stein  2,171,400 seconds

2nd : Mantua 1,850,400 seconds

3rd : Corsini 1,625,400 seconds

Overall  House Winner  - Staff and students

1st : Avila  3,643,320 seconds

     2nd : Mantua 2,978,280 seconds

3rd : Stein 2,182,200 seconds

Year Level Winners

Year 7 

1st Toby Keodouangphachanh 7 M5 14,000+ minutes

2nd Max Andison 7 M1 10,000+ mins

3rd Ben Miller 7 S1 4000+ minutes

Year 8 

1st Hasan Al-Wahab 8 C5 15,000+ minutes

2nd Luka Ivanusic 8 A7 7,000+ minutes

3rd Max Georgostathis 8 E7 5,000+ minutes

Year 9 

1st William Torner 9 M3                

Year 10 

1st Keenan Santiago 10 E3

Year 11

1st Jonathan Clark 11 A3 7,000+ minutes

2nd Lucas Ficarra 11 B4 1,000+ minutes

3rd James Fennell 11 E1 1,000+ minutes

Year 12 

1st Carter Prokop 12 B2

Note the overall winner is taken out of the year level prizes.


Year 7 English Class             Most Time Read!

1st 7F Mr Jackson

2nd 7B Mr Melenhorst

3rd 7C Ms Tascone

House Winners

Most Time Read in each Year 7 House Group!

Top 3 achievers in each House!



1st                                Ms Powling A
2nd                              Ms Morrison M
3rd                               Ms Moloney T


Ms Powling              Ms Scott             Ms Kelly         Ms Keyes           Mr Garriga        Mr Melenhorst
Ms Morrison           Mr Wood            Mr Zerella     Ms Dembalas    Ms Moloney

Bonus Badge Winners